This week’s Lovely Science News (6)

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This weeks‘ Lovely Science News come up with movies, dancing and, er, jellyfish. Here’s why you should read them.

Why some just can’t dance to the beat. This dysfunction even has its own name: beat deafness. And it says a lot about your inner timing mechanisms. Nice extra: Scientists‘ recommendations on the best dance moves. (The Washington Post To Your Health)

Why jellyfish is tastier than we thought (at least for other animals). If you are at the beach you most probably think they serve for nothing – and so did other animals on the ground of the sea, researchers thought. Instead, a cool video from underwater shows that dead jellyfish seems to be a delicates like every other fish corpse. (The New York Times Science)

Why do Science Fiction movies get awarded so rarely? The simple answer: Because most of the scripts are crap. Walt Hickey dives deep into the data of handed-in scripts and finds out what actually works for screenplay writers. If you want to make money, try it with horror porn, I mean, „sexual graphic thrillers“. (Five Thirty Eight)

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