This week’s Lovely Science News (7)

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This week science sections provide some intriguing insights into health issues. From the development of drugs to cost-free treatment, if you’re lucky. And why you don’t have to see a face to recognize it.

Why do we still use mouse models? You just cannot easily translate findings from mouse tissues to the human organism. Still, we would hardly know anything about human genome if we hadn’t them. (Washington Post, Speaking of Science)

Why do blind people recognize faces – without touching them? An experiment at Georgetown University trained people who were blind from birth to use a face scanner that works with sound. You can listen to it (and actually watch it) here. (NPR Shots)

Why it needs a lottery to fill the gaps of the US health care system. This local news story from Arlington, USA, provides you with the basics of US health insurance. Those who don’t have them need a lottery to get treatment, like in Arlington. (Washington Post, Local)